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Senior Housing Loan

Since 1977 Commercial Mortgage Loan .Net has been providing structured financing for all commercial property types worldwide. Navigating the intricacies of the senior housing real estate market require our knowledge and experience to ensure you get the best loan possible for your situation. A loan officer experienced with senior housing will be with you at every step of the process because we pride ourselves on personalized customer care.

Three basic loan types provide the necessary capital to finance senior housing facilities and communities.

Among the types of long term loans include:

  • A first mortgage/term loan--these have fixed rates for permanent mortgage loans. Commercial banks, HUD, insurance companies and conduits utilize this loan structure.
  • Construction/permanent mortgage loans--this type of loan transaction is undertaken by commercial banks, HUD, insurance companies, REITs and credit companies.
  • Sale/leaseback--REITs are the primary source for this type of financial arrangement.

Key Aspects of Senior Housing Underwriting:

  • Operator/Owner Lenders must be extremely comfortable with the operator and/or owner. In traditional real estate, prime locations are desired while in senior housing, an operator's track record is paramount.
  • Management agreement Smart transactions involve operators that own and operate a facility rather than managing on a fee basis.
  • Competition Any type of real estate development requires an assessment of the surrounding competition.
  • State State regulations (such as those for nursing homes) and the relationship with the state are important to consider as these factors can simplify or, conversely, complicate a development's success.
  • Reports and surveys Knowing how the operator is perceived by the state as well as other organizations (i.e. accreditation commissions) is important.
  • Business plan Particularly in new construction, it is important to analyze a business plan including factors such as the market, the impact on competitors, the local economy, etc.

Commercial Mortgage Loan .Net provides customized shopping center loan solutions for all kinds of investors nationwide. Whatever your objective- we can help you structure the loan that meets your needs.

Our success is measured by our clients' success, and our mission is to be your source for the most appropriate - and advantageous - financing solution that helps you achieve your goals.

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