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Apartment Over Retail Loan

Commercial Mortgage Loan .Net has nearly 3 decades of experience at the local and international level in financing mixed use property loans. We fully understand and have experience with the intricacies of mixed-use real estate markets. The characteristics of these property types may be an insurmountable hurdle for some lenders; however we have the knowledge and experience to clear those hurdles. Valuation factors vary for each property type but our ability to understand the industry and the facts that affect value enable us to outperform all others.

Mixed-use property typically contains a combination of commercial (most often retail) space as well as residential units. A typical building of this type is an apartment over retail complex. Although mixed-use properties are appealing to property owners because of the commercial income they generate, lenders are often uneasy if too high a percentage of a property's total income is generated by the commercial rather than the residential component. Commercial Mortgage Loan .Net will analyze your apartment over retail property financing needs and help you position it to maximum advantage in order to generate the widest possible appeal among a targeted group of Lenders.

Commercial Mortgage Loan .Net provides customized apartment over retail loan solutions for all kinds of investors nationwide. Whatever your objective- we can help you structure the loan that meets your needs.

Our success is measured by our clients' success, and our mission is to be your source for the most appropriate - and advantageous - financing solution that helps you achieve your goals.

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