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Marina Financing

Since 1977 Commercial Mortgage Loan .Net has been providing financing for commercial real estate properties. Commercial Mortgage Loan .Net provides commercial real estate mortgage programs for Marinas, Dockominiums, Yachtominiums and other similar property types located anywhere in the United states and throughout the world. We understand the special financing needs of Marina properties and can provide commercial loans ranging from $500,000 to $1.3 billion for the acquisition, refurbishing or refinancing of them.

Owning a Marina can be very rewarding and profitable but it takes a full time commitent and a large investment. Repairs, advertising, insurance and inventory are big factors for running a Marina. Taxes, permits and building codes must be considered.

Whether you're a marina owner seeking to renovate your existing facility or acquire a new one, having a company like Commercial Mortgage Loan .Net who is committed to both understanding your business and financing plans is key.

Unlike more traditional funding sources that serve a broad customer base, our marina financing team is dedicated to the marina industry. We offer sound financing solutions for marinas located on owned or leased property anywhere in North America and the world. The marina finance process is highly complex which is why you need our experienced marina financing team to structure your loan.

Experienced buyers of marinas do a proforma cash flow analysis to make certain that there will be enough cash flow to satisfy the requirements of lenders. If you are buying, converting or refinancing an existing marina virtually all lenders will also do an analysis of the last three years of marina financial statements to determine the "normalized" cash flow of the marina business. Lenders generally require that the last three years of financial statements are in the form of the marina seller's (if buying) or owner's (if refinancing) business federal income tax returns as opposed to unaudited seller prepared financial statements in lieu of the tax returns.

It is possible that the if the financial results of the marina to be purchased/refinanced are commingled with other businesses on the seller's/owner's tax return that the lender will accept "CPA Audited" or "CPA Reviewed" financial statements solely of the subject marina business.  If the financial results of the marina that you plan to buy/refinance are commingled with other businesses on the sellers'/your tax returns lenders need to be aware of the situation from the beginning..

For the lowest down payment the lender must have the tax returns from the seller/you that includes the marina results whether or not the results are commingled on the tax return with other businesses.  In many cases it is required that the tax returns provided by the seller/owner be compared with the tax returns as filed with IRS.  

We offer marina loans for acquisition, refinancing, expansion and renovation. Our loan amounts are based on the cash flow performance of your marina, not solely on the value of the real estate.

Marina finance is a complex process but the first step is easy! Contact a marina finance specialist today. Simply call us at 1-800-595-1474 or fill out a quick application .

Commercial Mortgage Loan .Net provides customized shopping center loan solutions for all kinds of investors nationwide. Whatever your objective- we can help you structure the loan that meets your needs.

Our success is measured by our clients' success, and our mission is to be your source for the most appropriate - and advantageous - financing solution that helps you achieve your goals.

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